Having an always on channel

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Sometimes when I’m mixing I use outboard and I come back in on 2 channels. I have a channel on in cubase with I monitor on . I like working like this so I can do a bit of plugin mastering on top of my outboard and hear the effect live.

the problem is if I solo a channel in the mix I lose all audio and I have to go over and unmute my monitor channel

What’s the simpliest way to get round this? I want my monitor/master audio channel to always be on


Use interface direct monitoring?

That option isn’t available to me with my Lynx Aurora for some reason

Disable solo on channel.

Wouldn’t the workaround explained here do it?


this doesn’t acheive what I want anyway

the monitor channel has plugins on it I want running live.

I basically just want to link this channel to all other channels so that if I solo anything in my project, this monitor channel is soloed too.

What I´m I missing. Disabling solo (alt click on the solo) does exactly that.

Put the track that has to have the monitor on in a folder (track)
This way it will not be affected while you are switching other tracks in the same program.
I use this all the time to keep the drummers track alive on stage.

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Ctrl+Alt click the solo button on your monitor channel to enable “solo defeat.” Channels with solo defeat enabled remain unmuted when other channels are soloed.

I have already said this twice here. …BTW it´s Alt click or just hold the button when you press solo on the channel you want to stay open.