Having an odd meter problem

Score is an xml from sib. I have a tremolo in 3/4 in the flute which in the original displayed correctly. I had to rewrite it is D3 and kept having a problem with the first quarter tying to an eighth note, even though I hit the O key and dot key first. Anyway when I tried to make the first note a dotted quarter the bar would change to the correct rhythm but the dot wouldn’t show, so it ended up looking like a bar of 5/8. Tried adding a bar before and re-enter the note values but the same thing happened, the rhythm dot was not showing. Maybe the pics will explain it better.

The before pic shows that I have enough beats in the bar, the after pic. shows what I end up with when I try to add a dot.

If the dot really has gone missing then a picture isn’t going to get you anywhere - we’ll need to see a cut-down version of the actual project file in order to help.

flutept…zip (674 KB)
here is the project in question. The bar is 15.

It’s not specifically this dot that’s the problem - try adding a dot to any note in this project and it won’t show up.
Go into Engrave > Music Symbols… then search for Augmentation. The third one (out of four) has had its glyph deleted. Select the third Augmentation dot from the left panel, then click the Revert to Factory button at the bottom of the list (it’s to the right of the star button).

Thank you pianoleo, that fixed it and I would have never figured that out on my own.