Having audio signal degradation and white noise

I just bought a new ART MPA Pro II and I use Cubase 5
I have an issue with my audio signal when I record. I have my MPA Pro II going out to my Yamaha MG10XU 10 channel mixer using an XLR to TRS which I use as my audio interface in
order to get the audio signal into Cubase 5 via the computer. I have noticed that coming out of my MPA Pro II, the XLR connection is “balanced” and “unbalanced” on my Yamaha MG10XU mixer. What happens is when I record a “take” I get white noise and severe audio signal loas on every other audio take.
Why is this? I really need to know so I can get back to my work flow recording my project. Any help would be greatly appreciated… Please!!!

Just a thought…

Is there any chance you have a expired trial version of a VST effect activated? Those trial versions will produce a periodic white noise to keep you from using them after the trial period ends. Also, this can happen on a regular licensed version of a VST effect if for some reason the VST somehow gets reset to where you have to enter you license code again.

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Hey, Thanks for your response…
I will check into it and see if that corrects
the problem… Thanks again…