Having big issues with adding automation using buttons

CB Pro 11, Windows 10.
I’m trying to get a few audio tracks to mute at certain points, and also trying to set automation to control an effect on or off by using Write mode, running the project and hitting the relevant buttons in the inspector.
Every time i hit a button (on/bypass/M etc) the track focus jumps about 4-5 tracks down to the next audio track and I have to keep stopping the playback and repositioning the play head.

I thought i could just play the project and hit the buttons when necessary?

Well, a reboot has fixed it for now, but its a reoccurring issue. This is not the first time ive had this happen.

your issues are related with your system, not common issues we know in Cubase or Nuendo.
I still think you got malware or a virus on your system… or a broken driver…

Why would it work most of the time then?
There is absolutely no malware on my system. Why would that even effect it anyway? That makes me laugh as its such a wild guess, with nothing to back it up, or even any example of how it can be affecting CB on a random basis. In fact its never even been asked if i use any AV or anti Malware programs, just…. You must have some….

I find it amusing and frustrating, that when issue are reported it’s a never Steinberg’s fault. Even though I know Steinberg have a long list of bugs to fix, its never mentioned in public that there are any and the blame is shifted back to the user as a matter of fact.

Until something is reported it’s obviously not known, but how can we report things when it’s turned around and the blame pointed back at the user.

I dont come here for help these days, as i never get it (I’m not alone), i only post to show what issues I’m getting. Steinberg can decide to ignore them if they wont (and normally will).

You know what… forget it…
I leave you alone with your problems and work on my machine with much lesser problems… but ok., I don’t know why it works on my system but not on yours…
I just tried to help…

How did you try to help? By telling me its not the software that has the issue, but malware or a virus on my PC?
Thats not helping.

Obviously not everyone suffers from these issues, I’m happy for you that you dont, but you don’t ask for any info at all, just put the blame on me having malware etc.

So we arent allowed to report bugs, because there aren’t any, its all user error?

Well it’s a there if anyone wants to look in to it, but I’m pretty sure it wont be seen as a bug because….well there obviously aren’t any.