Having big problems with cubase 5

Hey everyone, my interface recently died and I had to pick up a cheap interim one (m audio fire wire solo). I am running 5.1 because I have never been able to make it work and haven’t worried about it until now. When I download 5.3 or 5.5 whether I run it or save it and click on it, it says loading and then does nothing else. This has been going on forever but I didn’t care cause the program was working but now it’s stalling on one of the initializations every time (different ones). I’ve rebooted, reinstalled drivers for the solo and NOTHING IS WORKING!!! Appreciate the help

And I meant to say I’ve never been able to get the update to work

Need more info on your setup. OS, RAM, Processor etc. Next step would be to trash your prefs. Otherwise, I would uninstall/reinstall CB.