Having issues with Soft Elicenser

Hey guys, I´ve been having issues with the Software Elicenser. I´ve tried everything in every forum possible (elicenser helper reinstall, compatibility run, non compatibility run, registered the serial on the site, etc etc)

It shows up but when I try to select it I end up with this (print to follow)
***The topic doesn´t show but I want to install the Big Bang Orchestra from VSL

It says its still not valid. Can anyone send a guiding light please? Thank you very much

You need a Vienna Key or USB-eLicenser.

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I see… this makes me a little sad… but fair is fair… there is literally no way around this?

I’m just going by what I saw on the VSL website …


FREE BASICS - Vienna Symphonic Library (vsl.co.at)

If that is what they have decided to require, then I don’t see any “way around” it.