Having line tool to place notes in a specified scale


Is it possible to have line tool draw in the key editor notes in a specified key? Now, it places the notes based on the quantization setup and the slope of the line drawn.

Can we force the line tool draw the line in a specific scale, say A minor Harmonic? if now, what is a workaround please?

Thank you in advance,


Unfortunately this is not possible in Cubase. But you can try this one.

Martin, it seems a great work. I very much like the idea and the fact that you are taking into account instrument ranges and custom scales.

I would like to know how does it work when you have many chords?

Does it adopt to the chord track? I have bunch of MIDI pattern on multiple tracks that I want to adopt chords and draw passages (upward before climaxes) etc.

Thank you again.


Thank you for your feedback.

Unfortunately you cannot switch a Drum Map based on the Chord Track data in Cubase. That would be totally awesome! Therefore you always have to switch the Drum Map manually according to your current focus (chord/scale) in the track or in the project/section.

You are quite welcome.