Having Lock Duration engaged in input mode by default


Is there a way to have have Lock duration enaged/selected automatically when press note input? In my workflow, I most the time need to have Lock duration engaged when I input notes.

IIRC the answer so far has been “no.”

Maybe this can be a feature request for future versions!

I assume you mean Force Duration (shortcut O) rather than Lock Duration (shortcut L), @Chikitin? If so, activate Preserve Force Duration state when stopping and restarting note input on the Note Input and Editing page of Preferences. You’ll then only need to activate Force Duration once when you first start inputting notes.

(I would personally recommend not using Force Duration all the time, but to each their own!)

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If you have a subscription on the iPad version, have you checked in Notation Options for Note Grouping / Beam Grouping settings that should remove the need for Force Duration in most cases? Especially when combined with time signatures that specify the beat grouping.

I meant Lock Duration ( L), indeed. I knew about Force.

Hello, Lillie, I meant Lock duration. I knew about Force Duration (shortcut O ).

Can we convert (edit ) this as a feature request, please?

I don’t think it would in general be a good idea to have Lock Duration on by default when starting note input. You can only use Lock Duration when you have existing music at the caret position, and that is surely not true most of the time.

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Daniel, I respectfully disagree with you. The effectiveness of the duration lock feature depends on the goals and workflow of the user, particularly when repeatedly rearranging the same theme which we do and see in many music compositions. In such cases, having the duration lock remain sticky rather than resetting each time you make a selection would greatly enhance usability.

It’s one button/keypress.

It’s perfectly reasonable for users to share their feedback and things they feel would enhance their workflow. It’s up to the development team to balance those suggestions across the entire user-base and development time/effort required, when determining which features to work on.


Well, the feature I’m requesting already exist for force duration (O) and you can make the same argument as you say for it.

Yes but you do it often when you’re composing and trying different harmony, yes if I was just engraving existing music, that would be not many pressing the lock duration button, different selections are treated differently and one has to press many times and using the iPad.