Having Midi tracks and their corresponding piano roll tracks named the same?


I have to “render in place” when delivering stems, especially if the stems all need to be fully mastered/mixed. So this is my dilemma:

When “rending in place”, the name of the bounced stem will always correspond to the sequencer name, i.e., MIDI 49, instead of the actual track name in the left column. Anyway around this and sync them? I don’t have everything pre named because I’m always loading kontakt libraries as I go then changing the name. So, unless I delete track in the sequencer and restart, it won’t match the name, if that makes any sense. I just want to be able to rename a track, then have the other part change.


Try this

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…and to do this without the preference turned on you can click on the track name as if you want to rename the track. Instead of typing in a new name you just press Ctrl + Enter


Perfect. Thank you! “Parts Get Track Names” didn’t solve it but this did.

That won’t change existing events, just new ones when you create them. Ctrl + Enter is the way to change existing events.

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