Having notes play from beginning of track causes them to sustain the first note at the end

This is super hard to explain, so I added the video:
After last note ends it jumps back to the first note played and keeps it playing sustained.
This is independent of CC64, there is no other automation active aside from CC64 at 0 and CC1/Modwheel automation in the Key Editor. As you can see this only happens when the playback starts at position 1 (0 seconds).
I never noticed that because I usually don’t start at bar 1.

I’m pretty sure this might be a bug, as I’m not the only one who expierenced this. But it could also be some kind of feature I might have activated by accident (it wouldn’t be the first time this happened).

If you post all the setting that are involved it would be easier to answer, midi note info , VST articulation and legato, any detail that impacts.

I’ll try, but I haven’t been using Cubase for long enought to accurately pinpoint what could be helpful for this nor do I often know the correct terms for things! I’m on the latest Cubase version.

Instrument in this case: Kontakt Library Performance Samples Pacific Strings, Legato Patches - happens with all sections for that articulation in that project. If I create a new Instrument track and load the library the issue is gone, but that involves an hour of adjusting settings again, I don’t have time for that. Plus it’s not the only issue (see bottom)

The main problem is that it happens indepenently of midi note or CC values. I didn’t use any additional midi features in the sidebar. This specific issue only happens on that library, but has been reported by other users I know for other VSTs (like the synth VITAL). It is not a bug with that library specifically and the fact that it affects all of the legato patches might stem from the fact that I duplicated one track to implement them into the template (as in the issue carried over to it)

BUT I just found another issue with another Kontakt library (Cinematic Studio Strings) in that SAME template. It’s as if there’s a hidden midi layer/track somewhere interfering with the stuff I actually write. This here affects CC1. I mention this because I feel like the root cause might be the same. (Both tracks have negative track delay in case that matters)

I adjust the CC1 curve here to make the issue more audible (flickering), it sounds exactly if I accidently overlay to tracks with seperate CC1 info.

There is also no automation lane interfering with the CC information in the Key Editor.

(very audible at 0:36 - this is not how this library usually behaves)

Proof of interfering (?) midi data is visible in the modwheel within Kontakt. This does not happen during live playback with the midi keyboard.


Do you use negative track delay?

I managed to reproduce the issue using HALion. If the track delay is negative and the note position + track delay applied results in the note being at negative time position Cubase doesn’t send note off message for that event.

Can you check the instrument keyboard? The key should stay pressed down.


Ok that is indeed the issue here, I just reloaded and reconfigured all instruments because I thought it was working when I load a new instrument. It only worked because I didn’t add the negative delay yet. :expressionless:

And yes, the key stays pressed down in the instrument window!

It seems that the other issue I mentioned in my second post might be unrelated then?