Having only one plugin open? (crashes with 2 plugins open )

I am really enjoying Cubase 11 and it is totally solid other than it crashes nearly every time I have 2 plugins open at once.

I’m a long term Pro Tools user and if you open a plugin it closes any others so you only have one open unless you press the shift key.

I mostly remember to close a plugin before I open another but also forget often enough to have lost hours of work so far.

Is there a preference to only have one plugin open at a time?

hi Ted

(are you the TornadoTed from Wales ? - if so then hi :+1:)

the quick answer is ‘no’ ! unfortunately, the long answer is ‘no’ too but it does seem a reasonable feature request. The channel edit window does this by default - but not the plugin window.

I don’t think the crash you are having is necessarily related to this…if you provide more details we could see if we can pin that down to something specific…I’ve never had this issue…

Wow - I’ve never had the problem of Cubase crashing just because multiple plugin windows are open. So something very odd is happening for you, which may deserve chasing down and fixing, because that must be very frustrating.

To the best of my knowledge, there’s no Cubase preference for only keeping one plugin window open.

As a temporary and partial workaround for VST Instruments, you may be able to create a key command macro, containing two steps:

Close All Plug-in Windows
Edit VST Instrument

Which would make it a single keystroke effort to edit the currently selected instrument plugin after closing all other plugin windows.

Unfortunately I can’t think of a similar trick for audio insert plugins.

TornadoTed from Wales says hi back :grinning:

I think my problem may be that I am stuck on High Sierra and that isn’t a supported OS. My graphics card isn’t supported with anything past High Sierra, I did try a supported graphics card but I found the fan noise unacceptable so I went back to my old passive graphics card.

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I never had the problem with any other version of Cubase I’ve used from 7-9. It is only since upgrading to 11 that I have experienced this.

I found some mentions online of a graphics bug with some plugins with older OS than Mojave.

Hi Ted

there were lots of graphic improvements (?) on C11 mac - to support Metal GPUs - so yes it’s almost certainly because of your mac/GPU and High Sierra.

I don’t think this is going to be easily solvable - so I’m guessing it’s ‘suck it up’ and/or buy a newer computer. FWIW fanless graphics cards are available…don’t quite know what would work in your mac though.

(thought you were protools anyway ?)

This is the first i hear of this on this forum but i have been experiencing very high cpu usage on cubase 11 when my Fabfilter ProQ2 is open…i’m on high sierra… ProQ2 has always had a very tiny cpu footprint but no longer…

I have Pro Tools HDX in my commercial studio, in my hobby studio I use Pro Tools and Cubase although I am leaning more towards Cubase these days for my own music.

I’ve been around in circles with graphics cards, tried a few and they either won’t work or are too noisy so I’ve just given up on the whole thing.

It’s a shame as other than the plugin crashes it’s rock solid, I’m getting better performance than any other version of Cubase I’ve used in the past.

I think you are probably right, the answer is to get a new PC, the new Mac Pro’s are way out of my budget for something that is a hobby I spend a few hours a week on.

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… or wait until Cubase and some of your favorite plugin makers support the M1 based Mac Mini :slight_smile:

p.s. I’m not an Apple apologist, since I also run Cubase on Windows - but the M1 CPU is quite remarkable - the low operating temperatures make it very quiet to run.

it’s early days but yes - it’s going to be interesting times ahead for intel/amd

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