having panning problems

coming from Pro Tools and the only problem I am having is how to pan a Stereo track so that it sounds mono there is only one pan knob on the mixer fader but in Pro Tools you have one for the left and right side of the stereo field so to get mono all you have to do is to turn both pan knobs vertical and it turns the signal mono so how can I do the same in Cubase with stereo aux or stereo tracks thats the only problem I have with the software how to pan a stereo track or Aux track to be mono need help

Yes, you can do the same type of panning in Cubase, but it seems to be only in Cubase Pro. If you go to the mix window and hover over the stereo panner, a tooltip may tell you “Balance Panner”, but you will also get white disks appearing on the left and right ends of the panner. The right disk has a down-pointing triangle, indicating a drop down menu. From here you can select “Stereo Combined Panner”, which is just like the ProTools feature you described. The left disk turns the panner off, but that will just make the channels go hard left and hard right.

If you don’t have the Pro version, you can try Voxengo’s MSED (which I remember getting free without having to buy anything). I love it. Among other things, you can turn down the S channel to get mono.