Having problem Installing Cubase 7.5 on Macbook Pro

Hi there,

I am having problems installing Cubase 7 on my macbook pro.

I uninstalled cubase8.5 (upgrade from cubase 7) after having a problem the power of my mac. The Tech guy would got it fixed said they had to reset the battery and reset some other stuff…After that, cubase was slow and had a lot of audio dropouts and wasn’t doing what it use to…and now, when trying to install, I am receiving this message ‘you need at least Mac X OS 10.6.0 to install this software’.

I am running a early 2011 macbook pro, Mac X OS 10.10.5.

This is the first time I receive this message and not sure what to do. Would this be a software issue or a hardware issue? And would anyone know how to go about getting it sorted out please?

Thank you in advance for your advise!

Kind regards


and after this message you can´t go further with installation process?