Having problem launch Dorico 5

Hello, I hope someone could help with my situation.

I use Dorico 4 pro on macOS as well as Dorico iPad version (both fully licensed).

Recently I had an issue with playback sound on Dorico 4 but the issue has been solved by reinstalling.

Along the way I was prompted to install Dorico 5 Pro and so I did.

Now I have both Dorico 4 and 5Pro.
Dorico 4 now works fine, but Dorico 5 do not launch and say No licence Found. I go to Download Assistant and enter my access code which it recognises, but still say no licence found if I try to launch Dorico 5 (hoping this will provide me with a playback).

I have been repeating this cycle since last night for several times and have no other idea to get it right.

Please can someone guide me through to get out of this muddle?

Thanks in advance,


What happens if you use the Access Code in the Steinberg Download Assistant or in your account at the Steinberg web site (instead of the Access Manager)?

I tend to enter my Access Code in the SDA before downloading the Dorico updates, and for me that works best.

And welcome to the forum, @Chromaticat .

Welcome to the forum, @Chromaticat. If you haven’t bought a Dorico Pro 5 update, you won’t have a license for it: it’s a paid update from earlier versions (unless you first activated Dorico 4 on or after 1 April 2023, in which case you’re eligible for a free grace period update).

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