Having problems with a Brainworxs plugin

I use to use this plug in when I had Wavelab 6. It even worked well on WL 9 but I went to use it yesterday and even though I can move things around “on screen” the changes cannot be heard. This is the plugin https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/bx_paneq.html

Ideas or suggestions? Thanks in advance.

I just checked here using WaveLab 9.5.40 and version 1.3 of the plugin on MacOS Mojave and it’s working OK.

I can hear the changes being made on the plugin.

Thanks for checking. That is the same setup I have with the same versions. Maybe I should uninstall the plug in and reinstall it. Suggestions.

I don’t know if this is related, but after .35 I have, on occation, had some plugins not doing any processing. This has always been after opening WL with plugins already loaded in the master section. Reinserting them (DMG Dualism and Limitless + some others) cures the problem. It completely threw me the first couple of times. I’m using VST3 versions, btw.


I am using VST3s as well. I uninstalled the plugin and reinstalled it and for a while it was working. Visually it still is, the problem is that it does “sound” like it is doing anything to the audio. I tried the same plugin (VST2) in WL 6 and it appears to be working normally. Not sure what the problem is. VST plugins from certain manufactures have been problematic before in certain versions of WL. I really don’t understand WHY plugin vendors don’t have a copy of WL to try with their plugins. I am sure that Steinberg could give them a copy or sell them one at a reduced rate. Somethings are beyond my understanding.

A lot of my processing work is done in REAPER with a combo of plugins and analog gear but I regularly use Brainworx bx_digital V3 EQ in the WaveLab montage on clips and have never experienced it not processing during playback.

Is it possible that this issue only exists in the global master section?

I tried the same plugin (VST2) in WL 6 and it appears to be working normally

WL 6 was using 32 bit plugins, while WaveLab 9.5.40 uses 64 bit plugins.
WL 6 was processing in 32 bit float, while WaveLab 9.5.40 processes in 64 bit float by default, else 32 bit float if not possible.
That means the plugins are different in many ways.

Thanks for the information. Much appreciated! I guess it still doesn’t explain why it is not processing audio.

It works ok here on Windows 10. Version 1.3 VST2 and VST3 both work ok in the master section and montage. Using Wavelab 9.5.40. Are you on Windows 10?

Nope still on Windows 7 pro.

Another set of plugins are working strangely in WL 9.5.40. I am trying out some Acustica Audio plugins https://www.acustica-audio.com/store/ I am trying out the Ivory 3 eqs and compressors. The compressors and eqs seem not to work in WL 9.5.40 and when I bypass them they go to one channel mono. My normal FAB Filter eqs and compressors work GREAT. Is there something going on with certain VST3 plugins that I am not aware of? :confused:


I would not waste any time trying to use these plugins, particularly in WaveLab.

You might ask Brainworxs to check for the problem on Win 7, because it seems to work fine on Win 10.

The Ivory 3 have been fine in Wavelab in Windows 10 until recently afaik (but problems on Windows 7, I have no idea. It could have a whole different set of problems). But In Windows 10, the single band compressor is still fine, but the multiband compressor crashes on render in the master section only. But Acustica says they will work on that.

If you’re on Windows 7 you might ask Acustica to check your issues on Windows 7. I haven’t heard of them on Windows 10.

I really wish the plug in developers would get on the bandwagon and check out their plugins on WL. I am sure Steinberg would make a copy of WL available to them at a reduced charge or just give them a copy. Why does WL seem to have so many problems with VST plugins? I looked back over the forums and it seems to be an ongoing problem for decades. Oh well…my FAB Filter plugins, the ones I use everyday, work just fine in WL.

I am sure Steinberg would make a copy of WL available to them at a reduced charge or just give them a copy.

This is the case, and I (rather) think Brainworxs already have a WaveLab copy.