Having problems with the CR inserts since the .10 update- you?

Hello everybody
I have major problems with the CR inserts since the .10 update ā€¦ anybody else too?


What kind of problem exactly do you have, please?

It might be a good idea to list your issues in detail and supply some info about your setup, OS etc :slight_smile:

hahaha, you are absolutely right ā€¦ but if there is a choice between working and writing in a forum, the work always wins ā€¦

The issues are, that the plugins already patched in the monitor paths of the Control Room section are disabled, I can not access the plugin menu window and I am not able to activate them or throw them out.

I found a workaround: if I put a new plugin in the path and drag it on a slot with a disabled plugin, the pi sequence changes and its possible to access the menu and throw out the disabled plugins.

When I insert the same plugin new, it runs until I close a session and open this one or another one again

All in the CR module, in the individual monitor inserts as well as in the overall CR insert.

Hope that clarifies the problem.


PS: all in Cubase Pro

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Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Iā€™m having the same problem as George, but his tip on how to get around this does work which is great!

Hey DodgingRain,

I am happy to hear somebody else has the same problem (sorry Steinberg). Seems not too many people use the CR inserts ā€¦

Additional tip: dont use the first two pi slots - since I use the 4th slot and higher, the issue has not appeared again ā€¦