Having some issues audio quantizing a bass guitar part, I'm new to it, how to solve?

I’m using Cubase 12 Pro and I’m learning how to do audio quantizing. I’m testing it out with a bass guitar track. I’ve set the hitpoints in one bar and added/removed/moved them about so they’re in the right place (see first attached pic - this is just as a test, we don’t normally play that sloppily). It is bar 38, however if you look at the Sample Editor, underneath where it says ‘Event Start’, there is an additional row of numbers underneath where it says bar 38, and it says it’s bar 36. What on earth is going on here?.

I wanted to quantize the notes in bar 38 to the nearest 1/8th note, so I switched on AudioWarp Quantize then pressed the Quantize button. It did not seem to work properly - the notes were still out of time. If you look at the 2nd attached pic, the notes look like they’ve been quantized the nearest 1./8th note, but something else weird seems to have happened as there is a number 37 under the 2nd beat in bar 38. Why is this?

I also tried going to Audio > Real Time Processing > Flatten Real Time Processing, but it did not make any difference.

How can I fix this? Thanks.