Having Some Issues with Cubase 10 and Kontakt 6 player on Mac

I’m using Catalina (OS 10.15.7) and Cubase 10. I recently decided I needed to upgrade my drum sounds and went with a drum library that uses Kontakt Player as its engine. When I installed Kontakt, it showed up on the plug-ins Blacklist. I overrode that, but since then Cubase has had some issues, including “hanging” when I try to quit.

I see from a casual search that Native Instruments doesn’t always play well with Cubase, but most of the workarounds seem to be for users on Windows machines. I also see that the new operating system (Big Sur) can cause problems. I’m not on either, so is there something I can do to make my new drum library run okay on my system?

Hi and welcome,

I seems, there was a reason to blocklist the plug-in…

I would recommend to get in contact with the plug-in manufacturer, please.

Native Instruments says that their plug-in, which is one of the most commonly used in the audio world, only has conflicts with Cubase -no other DAWs- and that I should contact Steinberg. It seems no one wants to actually try to address my problem, but would rather refer me to the other company.

I w had many issues with kontakt and come across the same response from both companies as you. However, so far, and this often changes so I won’t hold my breath, but so far for some time too, I’ve had no issues with it. Latest kontakt, cubase 11 and big sur versions.


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Please, try to find an older version of NI Kontakt (the same version, but older build, a bit outdated). Is it possible to download an older version? If you will be lucky, it might work.