Having some trouble formatting instrument names


I need help trying to change the formatting of the flute staff label in bar 19 in the shown image.

I just need to be able to move it up so i can label the lower staff as-well.

can anyone help?


There’s probably a better way of setting this up in the first place, but I can’t think what it is.

Try this:

  1. Add a break (system or frame) on the downbeat of bar 19.
  2. With the break selected, set its Staff Labels property to None.
  3. Use regular Shift-X Text (manually dragged, and with Avoids Collisions unchecked) for both staff labels at bar 19.

Another option could be to add a second, section player to the project and this layout, to which you can add a divisi at the start of b19 and set the labels for the 2 divisi sections as required. Then move the existing music for the flute and voice to the divisi parts, and hide empty staves in the layout.

If the separate staff for the voice is going to be used for more than one system (or multiple times in the rest of the piece), that might work out easier/more stable than moving text items manually but you will have to manage system breaks to keep the player separations clean, i.e. never have both in the same system, which could be limiting formatting-wise.

Thanks guys, that has been very helpful. I decided that the first option seemed best for my work flow.

As a consequence of doing this, however, the system has moved right to the edge of the border. Without changing the border, is there a way, perhaps in engrave mode, that I can shift the stave to the right slightly or just squash the left side inwards a bit?

Also, I am having some problems dividing two crotchets and a quaver into a quintuplet, i want to fit them in the space of 4 quaver beats and whenever i do, it either extends the quintuplet across the stave or turns them into minims and a crochet. I’ve attached what i want vs what i get, what i want being the handwritten notation.

For the left edge of the system, use the note spacing tool in the left panel of Engrave mode. You should find there’s a large square handle above the left edge of the system; select it and then use Cmd/Ctrl-Alt-Right arrow to nudge it right.

For the tuplet, put the caret where you want the tuplet to start, then type ; 5e:4 Enter. The “e” is short for eighth (or quaver on this side of the pond). Alternatively put the caret where you want the tuplet to start, without highlighting the following crotchet, and type 5 ; 5:4 Enter. If you don’t specify a rhythmic value in the popover, Dorico creates a tuplet based on whatever rhythmic value is currently selected in the left panel.

Thank you so much that all worked!

Do you know how i can input a time signature such as this: 3 and 2/3 over 4 (image attached).

Sorry to ask so many questions

Dorico doesn’t support this kind of time signature natively, I’m afraid.

Is there a work around? like inserting a graphic of it and somehow tricking Dorico into have the exact amount of note values i want. For example, when you start a new project there is no time signature needed and you can input anything you want. Is there a way to do this mid flow?

or perhaps if i post the notes i want in the bar, an alternative time signature could be suggested which would serve the same purpose? I attached it anyway incase someone can suggest something.

Thank you guys

You can certainly create a bar of any duration you like, so inputting those tuplets as shown and then following up with a barline is easy enough, but the display of the time signature itself is going to be a bit trickier. Your best bet is probably to create an SVG graphic in a program like Inkscape, Affinity Designer or Adobe Illustrator and then import that, probably as a playing technique that you can then position manually on the staff.

Good suggestion, I couldn’t work out how to input the notes so the bar would be unmetered though, so i just made it a longer bar and removed the rests, then inputted the graphic and shifted the notes to the right. Probably not the best solution but it looks good for now. Thank you for your help