Having struggle creating metadata for a custom SMuFl font


It’s Dimitris here! I was just checking your past threads inside Dorico forum where similar fellow engravers have shared their insights about SMuFL font creation and its logic. And I would like to also take the opportunity to thank you for sharing your knowledge.

I am determined to start my new font library (yes… I know what I am diving into) using FontForge in particular and I face too many obstacles when creating the metadata. I have read the instructions and visited the github webpages, downloaded the .py scripts and each and every time - for various reasons - I fail to create that .json file that will make my font readable.

I have tried to run the .py script with mac’s Terminal.app, typed the appropriate commands, but it seems like I have to run it via an other Python interpreter? In short I have many many questions, mainly because I have little to no idea about coding. Is it something you think you could help me with?

Also is there any video tutorial about this topic? It would be like… extremely extremely useful. Mac user here

Thanks in advance