Having the 12, could I give away my LE?


I understand that Cubase 12 (Pro) doesn’t require the USB dongle anymore. In that case, could I move my LE to the dongle and just give it away to my dad, or it there some problem?

I have the 11 now and was thinking about upgrading. That would give me one more reason to do so.


I can’t answer your question, but be warned, I found that even installing Cubase 12 LE and then just starting it “stole” one of my Cubase Pro 12 activations without warning. If this happens to you on someone else’s computer, LE 12 will start and the splash screen will show as Elements 12, but you will be down a Pro activation!

(here’s the link to my original post on this subject: Cubase 12 Pro license activated without asking for confirmation)