Having the old Process function as an option besides the new Direct Offline Processing?

The new Direct Offline Processing system is still very sensitive to errors especially when using audio length altering processing such as Time Compress/Stretch and Pitch Shift, which I use all the time. To use Pitch or Time effects efficiently I constantly have to bounce the rendered files before doing further editing. Otherwise all kinds of instability, inconsistency in waveform displays etc. emerge.

I really think you should include the old school Process function as an option besides the editable Direct Offline Processing. It would certainly make some tasks much faster for me! Especially using some iZotope RX modules is now very slow because I can’t just hit my key command combo and Enter to render the effect I want to a selected clip if I have a good preset and burning an effect to a clip is just what I want.

I totally agree. I know this is Nuendo forum but both versions need this feature. I will never be able to upgrade from 9 because I cannot give up my single key press to save processing and flatten the wav file in the session folder. The direct offline processing is useless to me. when I make a process, I need it to be permanent. I do thousands of them. Cubase simply devolves into errors very early into the editing process using DOP. The old system MUST be reintroduced or I will have to stay on 9 forever and eventually switch daws.