Having the pedal to affect only the lower staff

I was wondering if it is possible in Dorico to have the pedal only affect the lower staff/left hand when we play back. another words the right hand is played without the pedal.

I suppose, I should Enable IVP, to split the Grandstaff into two staved, and then remove all the petals from the top in play mode. But the problem is, I cannot find the sustain in the list of expressions and cc under playing techniques.

Hi @Chikitin I don’t know if there are other possibilities, but I found that if you activate IVP, and then if you create for the Botton staff (choose Add Automation in the lower left panel) a midiCC 64 with value 127, and then Suppress the playback for the Ped. it works. You have to define also the end of the CC64, writing a second control point with value 0, where the pedal should stop:

pedal only bottom staff.dorico (737.2 KB)

I guess no human or piano can do that. So this is for electronic playback only?

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I was about to ask the same thing…

The OP probably is going for something similar to the use of the middle pedal. It’s just my guess

The Sostenuto Pedal mark does this

And it plays back correctly.

With your example, the Sos pedal will be applied to the F on the RH staff but if should work if you plan your passage accordingly. Without the F on the first beat it should work as described in the original post.

Thank you so much for your reply.

Your solution is feasible if you have only a few pedal marks but I have in my piece so many pedal points. I have to admit that I made a mistake and I meant I wanted the left-hand to be played with pedal.

I did try to add CC 64 to the right hand in play mode and set it equal to zero but still are here the pedal effect in right hand.

I am writing a piano piece featuring a slow-moving left hand and a busy right hand with many passing notes, especially during climactic moments. I aim to have control over the amount of sustain in each hand. I’m currently experimenting to observe the effects of this approach.