Having trouble adjusting vertical space between system dividers


I’ve been adjusting the Minimum inter-staff gap with content setting in Layout Options, – which has vastly improved the spacing in my project – but I’m having trouble adjusting the gaps between system dividers.

This page is using the default vertical spacing settings in Dorico (minus the minimum inter-staff gap option I mentioned above), yet it feels like there’s way too much blank space on the page:

I’ve been adjusting the ideal Inter-system gap setting, but it’s not changing the spacing on this page. Am I missing a different option that would adjust these gaps?

Okay, I must have been doing something wrong because changing the inter-system gaps is adjusting the page, but I’m still having trouble with this setting: gaps of at least 6 3/8 spaces produce the same result as above, but gaps 6 1/4 spaces and lower cramp the systems together more than I’d like:


Yes: you need to change your Vertical Justification settings. The second value:

is probably lower than the % fullness of your page. (I have mine set to 100% so that staves within systems are always spaced out, as well as the inter-system gap being spaced out.

The “Ideal” gap settings are actually the Minimum distance, used when there is no justification.


That’s perfect!! Thank you so much for the explanation! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Here’s my handy guide to Vertical Justification.


It’s a shame I can only give you 2 hearts. I appreciate this very much!

Hi @Musicombo besides the excellent explanation by @benwiggy about Vertical Justification values (and thank you Ben for the very helpful chart!), see also a suggestion by @dspreadbury about Ideal gaps (minimum gaps) values. I think both concept together solve 99% of distance layouting cases :slight_smile: :