Having Trouble After Upsampling to 88.2Khz ..Please help!

Here’s what happened,

  1. A project with both audio files and midi data is upsampled from 44.1 Khz to 88.2 Khz
  2. -The program dialog box appears ’ Would you like to keep audio files at their sample positions
  3. I click ‘No’ thinking that if I kept the positions it would misalign the audio from the midi
  4. -The programs dialog box appears ’ Would you like to keep or replace audio files
  5. I click ’ Replace ’ it warns me that this cannot be undone.
  6. The program converts all audio files in project to 88.2 Khz

So… now with these steps outlined the audio clips are aligned with the project as before but the audio content have been completely shifted out of view of the clip box so some clips are missing audio entirely, this goes for all previously saved projects using the same audio files as well.

How can I revert to my previous state, please help! :blush:

Check the Pool and see if the 44.1k files are still there.

They are not in the pool, I just tried resampling back to 44.1 and no luck in restoring them. Shouldn’t something like the sample positions be a revert-able state, it doesn’t seem like something anyone would really find useful when changing sample rates to find everything moved around or missing.

Maybe I’m not understanding what you wanted to do, but I wuold have thought you DID want to maintain the same sample position regardless of the sampling rate (why did you want to upsample, btw? )

In any case, why not just move the new files as a group until they are aligned with the MIDI once again? Bit of a pain, but not impossible.

It would be reversable if you didn’t save the project and used history to undo it. Did you check in the Audio folder in the project folder to see if they were there?

The files are still in the audio folder but unfortunately in the project file a ton of the painstakingly edited clips are all useless, Unfortunately I agreed to the wrong option in the dialog about the sample positions… wish that could be reversed but it seems like the answer is no, I won’t be so hasty in the future I suppose. Thanks for the help.

What did Cubase say when you opened the Projects with the “lost” audio files?

Got it working now after all… it seems there was a backup version of the Cubase Project File that I overlooked NOW FOUND thanks for the pointers guys… wasting your time with that post, potential data loss is always freaky to me so I appreciate your efforts :slight_smile: Thank you!