Having trouble creating MySteinberg account

Hey, wasn’t sure where to post this, please move if it should be in a different forum.

I’m trying to create an account to grab the VST3 sdk, but once I punch in my email and requested password and hit create account, I’m just getting a blank web page on Chrome. I also tried on IE, and it’s returning an http 500 error.

Any advice appreciated, thanks!


Sorry for the inconvenience. This should be fine now, we had a large system update today and a few things did not turn out to run as smooth as expected. Sorry for that. If you still have problems, write in this thread, I will see it.


Hey Fabian,

Thanks for the reply. I was able to create my account, but now I’m getting a 404 when trying to grab the VST3 sdk from http://www.steinberg.net/sdk_downloads/vstsdk360_22_11_2013_build_100.zip

Is this issue related, or should I be using a different link?


Damn, sorry. Downloads should be available again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

All good now, thanks a lot!

Hi Fabain

I cannot log in to My Steinberg, it refuses user/password.
I have requested the email for a new password but nothing has arrived.

I paid to upgrade LE to a full Elements 7, then found that the new download no longer installed on os x 10.7.5 and is largely missing from the website eLicencer, so I need to get my money returned from that, or transfer the licence to Elements 8. I have subsequently bought a new Mac that is happy with Elements 8 Trial, but only have 30 days to sort out the Licence.

So at the moment i am completely stuck, and want to register my new Elements 8 install!

thanks for any assistance.