Having trouble entering Harp parts in score

How do you enter in Harp pedal positions? Harmonics? and all notations for the Harp?
On Paper or Score with pencil, I usually show first 4 or five notes, then draw glissando with pedal positions, and or write Chord like GMaj above OR (Whole Tone…etc) then draw gliss up and down. I am lost in Dorico

  1. Where is the Harp pedal positions or Pedals? Cant find them…
  2. How can I draw or enter first 3-5 32nd notes with open end connected to Glissando that goes up… Then down then Up etc throughout measure? Like a draw glissando tool?
  3. I can easily put chord above measure! Great.
  4. Does Dorico Calculate the Harp pedals of the Harp to find simplest pedal moves? Find Errors if my pedals are incorrect?

Maybe I am confused but Harp parts in Film and TV should be easy. And if my Copyist is to use my Dorico Files it must be easy to do. (Or me giving my template and short cuts legends etc with file to insure perfect outcome )

I so Love Dorico, Maybe some posted examples of HARP parts with Dorico Files will help us older Film/TV composers figure it out.
Nothing like the ability to cut and paste.? “Proof Harp Pedals” Like a proof button with listings of highlighted issues that need attention. See its all mathematical and easily done with rules. When you have multiple pages of music, and lots of parts it is so cool to have computer figure it out! OR have a selection under harp for “Write Pedaling”
Its probably there… I just don’t know where…

And Examples or Dorico files would sure help. With pedals notated.

It’s not possible yet to enter harp pedal diagrams. I inserted graphics from Sibelius’ harp diagrams to accomplish this.

Actually Andre, the glyphs exist within Bravura, so there’s nothing to stop you typing them into Dorico using shift-x text. Alternatively, Wizzarts came up with a font that can also be used directly within Dorico. See details here: Harp Pedal - font - Dorico - Steinberg Forums

Harp pedalling is of course important for publication purposes, but for us composers, just forget them and leave the pedalling to the harpists. I’ve asked numerous professional harpists about this in my over 50 active years as a busy orchestral composer, and they’ve all agreed… :slight_smile: For glissandos one obviously has to indicate the tuning, but that can easily be done with regular text.

I had a discussion with harpists about this and they told me that the first thing they do, is scratching out all the pedaling in the part and then write in their own. My approach now is to write it in the score only for my own purpose so I am sure it’s playable and then hide them in both score and part so it’s not in the exported PDF. I only write pedal positions with glissandi as text, not even diagrams anymore in my current scores.

Thanks a lot for the insight.
Do you have an example of how you write the pedal positions w glissandi as text in Dorico?