Having trouble isolating expression map articulations to a single staff in score editor

I’m using the score editor to score a piano piece. The score is using both treble and bass clefs via the “polyphonic” staff mode.

I have a three-note chord in the bass clef and a single note in the treble clef. These four notes play at the exact same time. The chord is marked as staccato, and the note in the treble clef is not (it should ring out a little longer than the staccato chord).

I have a custom expression map defined to map staccato articulations to a reduced length of 20%. I have this staccato sound slot set as “Attribute”.

When I play back the piece, all 4 notes are mapped to the reduced length, not just the chord marked as staccato in the score editor.

I’m wondering if I did something wrong, if this is a limitation of expression maps, or if there’s another way to map staccato so it only hits the specific notes marked in the score editor?

What you are facing is just a big and handicapping limitation of Expression Maps.

In its current state, Expression Map simply ignores voices, all data is always sent on channel 1, independently of the voices the articulations belong to.

Thus, Expression Maps are unusable for polyphonic staves where simultaneous notes in different voices have different articulations.

This really needs rectification from Steinberg.

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