Having trouble recording CC data


I’m a recent convert to Cubase and I’m struggling to record CC data after recording the notes. I’m doing a horn part in an orchestral mock-up and recorded the part on my keyboard when I didn’t have access to my NanoKontrol 2, which I use to add expression etc.

How do I go in and add this data after the fact? Do I need to fully record again but only ‘perform’ the CCs? Do I press play only but ensure the automation W is selected? Nothing I try seems to be producing the desired effect. The library I’m using is Nucleus by Audio Imperia if that’s of any importance.

Any help gratefully accepted

You should be able to record CC data with W(rite) enabled during playing. But you must make sure that the knob or slider you’re using is sending out the correct controller. If not, you need to adjust that in your (NanoKontrol/keyboard) controller or ‘learn’ in Kontakt what the knob is sending out.

Generally MIDI CC is captured by pressing the record button. Depending on your MIDI Record Mode, it will either merge with the existing MIDI part or create a new part.


If you want to capture MIDI CC data using the Write button, you need to go to MIDI Controller Automation Setup and select Automation Track in the Record Destination.


Thanks for the replies, I think I’ve got it now.