Having trouble running Cubase 7 and Cubase 12 on two separate PCs

Hello. I have a very old studio machine that is still running Cubase 7.5.

I recently built a new setup with a new PC and purchased Cubase 12 that is running great on the new system.

When I run Cubase 7.5 on the old PC with the dongle it now says “No valid license found.”

When I log into Steinberg user area and expand “eLicenser products” I see “Cubase 11 (Upgraded to Cubase 12)” - There’s no trace of Cubase 7 any longer.

Is my old Cubase 7.5 license null and void? If not, what do I need to do to make the eLicenser work on my old system again without affecting my Cubase 12 license?

The old machine running 7.5 has several sessions that I MUST regain access to for archival before I retire this system. Absolutely crucial. There are numerous plugins and apps on that system that are no longer available so I can’t just load the sessions in C12.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Have you updated the elicencer software on the old machine and ran it?

Your old Cubase 7.5 licence was replaced by a non-upgradable Cubase 11 licence on the eLicenser as part of the Cubase 12 update.

You will need to get a recent enough eLicenser database on your old machine that the Cubase 11 licence is recognised as valid for Cubase 7.5. Your starting point should be to run maintenance in eLicenser Control Center on the old machine.

Thank you both. Not seeing Cubase 7.5 in my licenses on the Steinberg site made me worried that doing that might somehow mess with my Cubase 12 license which has some active projects going I can’t jeopardize.

I’ll give the eLicenser maintenance a shot and see what happens. Will report back here either way.

Thank you!

That did the trick. I needed to download the newest eLicenser software, do a repair, database update, and all is well. Thank you very much!

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