Having trouble trying to get midi controller to work with Nuendo

I have an M-Audio Code 49, and recently bought Nuendo 10. I’m very new to steinberg products and still learning the ins and outs. I’m having an annoying time trying to get my keyboard to work with my VST’s. It’s showing Midi signal coming in on the project window, but it won’t work with any instrument or midi track

Does anyone out there know how to solve this. All i seem to find is instructions for Cubase (which i would expect to be similar). However, even when i try all the steps i’m seeing for Cubase, it won’t solve this issue.

I did install the firmware for the code 49.

Any help would be great

If it shows Midi in activity, then check the output of your VST.
You can see that in Inspector, on the left side of your editing window.

EDIT: if after choosing your Output you still have no sound, try loading in
a patch or preset to your VST instrument, like for example a Drum Kit in Grove Agent.