Having trouble with recording automation with audio units

I’m trying to record knob movements of audio units and while cubase does record the automation it isnt correct. For instance in iSem I’ll record turning the cutoff knob completely from left to right but cubase will only record it moving a very tiny bit.

Is this a know issue with audio units? Is anyone else having or not having this issue?

Just purchased Cubase 2 and first thing I tried doing was this type of automation and am not regretting the purchase (and apple wont issue a refund :frowning:

Hi Yivra,

Thanks for your message.

To prevent you from running into issues, we’ve released an article regarding the limitations of Audio Unit automation, and updated the known issues. Please find the links at the end of this message.

Regarding the iSEM Audio Unit automation issue, please let me have an exact step by step description. It is also fine if you share a short video clip (upload via Dropbox, link via private message) with us.

Having either information allows us to exchange with Arturia regarding the issue.


Limitations of Audio Unit automation

Cubasis Known Issues