Having two probs with Ossia

Using Dorico Pro 2, I have added a two-measure ossia passage to a preexisting Dorico file (created in Dorico 1.2).
I am having difficulty instructing the program to join the ossia passage to the accompanying vocal line.
I am also having difficulty getting the “ossia” label to show up in Print Mode even though it shows up in Write Mode.
(The “ossia” text and dashed barlines fail to show up in a PDF printout of the page either.)

Suggestions welcome.

Derrek, your Engraving Options/dashed line show the end of an Ossia. There should be a setting also for the appearance of the beginning of an Ossia.

It doesn’t join the end of the ossia either. I’m not sure where to find an option to join the beginning (or intermediate) measure lines, so I hope someone will be able to help with that at some point. I did try a number of options, including restarting Dorico in case a forced redraw was necessary.

Thanks for your suggestion.

I need to see the project to diagnose this issue.


Here is the excerpt.
ossiaExcerpt.zip (335 KB)
Thank you.

Getting the barlines to join is easy - you just have to look in a slightly surprising place!
Engraving Options > Barlines > Barline Joins > Barlines on vocal staves. Set this to “Allow barlines to join staves”

Note to Daniel: It really might be a good idea to have a specific exception for ossias here - in SATB music it’s useful to not join barlines, but possibly necessary to allow ossias to join barlines, or it could be ambiguous as to which voice the ossia belongs. Terribly crafted English but I’m sure you’ll appreciate it’s 1.43am, and I’ve been on the Langlois tonight…

No idea about the second question, Derrek - sorry!


Thank you. That did indeed do the trick.

In this collection of songs, joining the vocal staves works, but I wonder what would happen if one of the songs had multiple vocal staves with an ossia in one voice. That would force a difficult choice. Somewhere down the road(map) that situation probably needs handling as well. (That, of course, will be for Daniel and his team to deal with if and when they see fit.)

Thanks for reporting the issue with Print mode – this looks to be a bug, which we will try to fix as soon as possible.