Having WaveLab LE 7 I got license for WaveLab LE 6!


I am very new to this area. Any help will be very appretiated.

I just purchased CI1, reinstalled new eLicenser, got its number. I registered my roduct at Steinberg.

When I try to get Activation code, I was able get it only for WaveLab LE 6. But I have on my CD WaveLab LE 7. So eLisenser does not allow me to start it.

What should I do?

Please help.

Thank you.


The Wavelab LE 7 license should been installed automaticly. When it doesn’t show up now in the eLicenser Control Center, then please do the following:

  1. Install the latrest version of the eLicenser Control Center. The latest version can be downloaded from www.elcc.eu

  2. Uninstall Wavelab LE 7 --> Reboot the computer and start the installation of Wavelab LE 7 again. Please be sure that you have disabled background services like a virusscanner during the installation.

Please contact support when this should not help.