HD File Download Doesn't Work? Studio Pass Comparability??

First one is, studio pass says it is not compatible with VST Connect PRO 3. I am assuming the updates just have not hit the apple app store yet? And my goodness why not have it be LAN compatible as well!??

Second problem is multi track HD files will not pull through from the performer side at all. Is this a known issue??


Yes, please be patient. It will coming soon …

This feature is only available with “VST Connect Performer for iPad”. Have you seen that one?

Can you give us some more hints?


I don’t currently have an iPad, eventually I will again. As far as HD files not pulling from the performer side, it simply won’t download them with in VST Connect Pro. I don’t recall the error but it seems as though on the performer side it is recording empty files with no wave form data. Or when I click get files it downloads nothing but automatically creates the new tracks and the play back group with in Cubase but no HD files get imported into their respective channels.

I haven’t had a chance to try the get local files feature by having the musician email me the files with the xml file the performer application creates, or is supposed create. I will do some more testing soon.

Hello Spork!

I own VST connect pro and have been patiently waiting you guys to push the new working version Studio Pass… please tell me this fix is near. I have so many uses for it.Same incompatibility error.

Thank you

Yes, it is near!

Sorry for the waiting,