HD file dowonload stopps after transfering a view bytes

I am working with lastest versions of Cubase and VST connect Pro.

  1. I did some recoding and try to down load the HD files. Thedown load starts and always stops after a view bytes with the same error message: “receive file lost connection”. I tried this several times and on different days always with the same result.
  2. Than we tranfered the files via drop Box and the Wav files had the same drop outs as the 128kb stream.
    Any Idea?
  1. Usually this only happens with a very bad connection. I assume you tried more than once? Else maybe one or more files are corrupted…
  2. If the local performer files have dropouts, this has nothing to do with the connection. Probably, the block size is too small and the audio system cannot catch up. We’d need to know more details, audio Interface, buffer size, win/mac etc. Also watch the LEDs in the EVENT CONTROL section.

I concur. I have only had these issues where the performers connection was poor. Good enough to record the session but too slow for HD upstream. In cases like this, and I’ve had a few due to artists living in remote locations, I get them to zip up the HD recordings folder and wetransfer it, or other file transfer tool to me. I then use the brilliantly thought out ‘Get Local files’ option which will import files from a folder on your comp into sync position in the DAE session. Awesome :grin:

Next version has a feature to create a zip folder to transfer which you can use with ‘Get Local HD’.

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To 1: yes several times, different times to work around internet traffic jams
Artist: Window 10 Focusrite 2i2 USB Buffer size 192, Up Stream 128, 300
DRW: Mac Sierra High, Motu Traveler Firewire, buffer size: tried with 128, 256, 512, Up Stream 128

LEDs: Green on both sides

Yes we did the same but in the Wave File the same dropouts where present.

As said, dropouts in HD files point to audio overflow on the Perforemer side, not networking problems. Try to raise buffersize to 256 to avoid that - best to use direct monitoring with higher buffer sizes. The DAW side doesn’t suffer from higher buffer sizes at all when remote recording, so you can set it higher so to be safe.

Sorry, I thought I was responding to the HD upstream ‘Get HD Files’ failing issue.

Musi’s latest post is of course correct in relation to the issue he’s responding too.

Sorry for any confusion.