HD Files are placed early

I wonder if any of you have encountered this problem.

I’m recording with VST Connect Pro w Cubase 12 from VST Performer all latest versions.
The low quality file is recorded and synced perfectly when recording, but when I download the HD files and they are placed in the session automatically they are early (like by at leat 1 or 2 beats).
Anyone else had this problem? and did you find a solution?


It should be in sync. Maybe you did something in between, like changing sample rate or the like which might confuse it.
If all offsets are the same you could just shift it until it fits.

To clarify, it has happened consistently across multiple sessions today (restart Cubase/performer each time), I’m doing simple test recordings to try and figure out the problem, so I am not changing anything in the small time between recording a take and retrieving HD files.

Also it is happing both ways (my system as host and guest system as host) so not one system specific problem either.

Yes it is a consistent timing (about 2 seconds shifted early on HD transfer and placement) Shifting it manually might work, but I would hardly call vst connect a great system if I have to do that for every take no? looking for an actual solution.

It might have to do with project offset, and/or sample rate, and/or frame rate. Without more details, this can hardly be analysed.

Good point, never considered frame rate would make a difference.
Sample rate is set the same. Project offset is set to a default of 1.5, but I’ve also tried 2.
Hoping someone has encountered the same result at some point.
Super frustrating becuase it’s “almost” perfect solution for me for a project.

Project Offset has no default, I assume you refer to VSt Connect Remote Delay.
I was refering to the Cubase Project Start Offset, see Project/Project Setup, also check frame rate there.

Ah yes, I was referring to VSt Connect Remote Delay.
Cubase Project Start Offset sounded very promising, I checked settings, they’re all at 0. Is Project time displays what you meant? Thanks for your help so far btw.

settings bellow

Thought I’d leave a message for anyone that experiences this. problem solved by not recording takes from 0 in the project. so if I record from say bar 3(or anywhere else in the timeline) it works as it should. totally solid. just curious as to why the HD files are placed out of sync if recorded from the start of the timeline.

Thank you. It is kind of a challenge to synchronize to negative time :slight_smile:
When you start Cubase or Nuendo, it takes a little step back which makes time become negative when starting from the top. It is quite common to have some “leeway” for preroll etc.

That makes sense, although it is curious that it records and places the low-quality Performer takes perfectly when recorded from 0, but shifts them when it automatically updates from HD transfer.