HD Files sync problem

The low-res performer files are in sync with the studio session. When I retrieve the HD files from the performer they are inserted into the project out of sync, approximately 1.5 seconds in advance of the studio session.

Studio: Cubase 13 on Windows 10 with VSTConnect Pro, all latest versions.
Performer: VST Connect Performer on Windows 11, all latest versions.

This happens on internet connections and also when the machines are on the same LAN. I have re-installed VST Connect Pro and Performer and deleted all the ini files and tried starting with an empty project. As far as I am aware I have followed all the setup guidelines and taken all the steps outlined in VST Connect: In depth information and troubleshooting

I have very successfully used VST Connect Pro before, but not for about 3 years and never had this behaviour before.

Please help.


Update: The HD files are being inserted right at the start of the project, time = 0. On checking again I see that they are exactly 1 sec ‘early’.

If your Remote Latency setting is the same amount as the shift, you probably have set up something wrong. My first suspect would be “Constrain Latency Compensation” in Cubase, it will not work with VST Connect.

Thank you for the rapid response musicullum.
Constrain latency compensation is off (icon lower left is grey, not orange). Remote delay is 1.5S but the time shift is 1S


The next guess is that you use plugins with latency in the chain. however, 1 second is a lot, except for VST Connect itself there are only very few if any with such a large lookahead.
A bit clueless…next I’d check for Cubase audio settings, ASIO Guard, system record timestamp or anything in that area. And of course anything that has “1 second” written over it :slight_smile:
Maybe try a larger remote latency just to check if it has anything to do with that.

Thanks. No plugs. Asio guard is off. System Record Timestamp is a new one on me! I’ll research that and try a couple of different delay settings.

I had set Audio pre-record to 1000mS for some reason ages ago. Is it mentioned anywhere that it should be set to zero when using VST Connect? Apologies if it is and I missed it. It only affected the syncing of the HD files imported from the client, the low res files were in sync.