HD files - Take problem

Hi, Musicullum!
I have a separate question about the “audio track” mode of the audio track!
When VST Connect Performer transfers HD files, VST Connect Pro puts all the recordings in a single track, stacked in one track. So the audio files do not appear as a separate lane as in a normal recording, but behind each other. So they have to be placed under each other by hand. Is there a way to make HD files appear as a separate line when downloading? For a song recording, when up to 20 different versions are being made, this would be a great help. (Or for drum recording, where you need to manually separate recordings on 16 tracks in Line mode.)!
Take problem|492x500

This has been improved with version 5.0.10, give it a try.

Thank you, Musi!

Still not working correctly in v.

The bug is really not fixed, it doesn’t work.

… sorry. That feature is improved and fixed in an upcoming update