Hdd to ssd data help!

Hey fellow cubase users,
my buddy wanted to have a ssd instead of hdd.
now all of the projects and sample library’s of kontakt is switched to the ssd but only with copy and paste manually,now the problem is that cubase doesnt see some kontakt players anymore,
is there a way to undo this ? cause i already tried everything…
reinstalled cubase 8.5 and reinstalled native instruments komplete,

hope that you can help me out here !!:slight_smile:

Hi and welcome to the forum,

If you are talking about the Kontakt libraries, they are Cubase independent. Please, solve the path issue in Kontakt.

Hi Ramm25stein en welcome,

Not entirely sure what you want to do? But if you want to replace the hdd system disk for an ssd you should instead of copying manually use a disk cloning tool to make an exact copy. Then everything should work fine.

Take a look here:

Thanks for the reply,
Oke so i need to do that instead.
Is there a chance i can undo al my faults,
If i open up the project it gives me 3 or more kontakt vst channels with no parameters.but if i make a kontakt channel its there so it has to do with a path i think

So i hope that i can save the damage that i made.

You should be able to rescan the libraries on the SSD inside of Kontakt, after youre finished it should work.

Yeah thats what i thought but it still give’s the no parameters, :frowning:

Can you upload a screenshot, of how it looks?

I think fixing what you’ve done so far will take you a lot longer, that is you ever can get it fixed? You just need to do the clone from the original hdd to the ssd and after that start using the ssd. Then you should be fine.

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So i just reinstalled komplete on the old drive,
and it is still a problem…
is it just better that i make a clean windows ? or is it not neccesary?


It’s definitely better for your system.

It shouldn’t matter whether the data is copy/pasted or the drive is cloned. As long as the folder structure is identical and the new disk has the same drive letter as the old one, then it should work. If not, then something else is going on.

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This has nothing to do with libraries. This looks like the kontakt plugin itself could not be loaded. Reinstall Kontakt, check that it is loaded properly in the plugin manager and that you can open it again.

Well that was my idea, but when i unpluged the hdd i couldnt let the ssd make the same path number as the hdd,and then came the problem

Well thats the thing, i can open kontakt with all the library’s in a new channel

Not that you used VST2 Kontakt before and VST3 now and the VST2 cannot be loaded anymore or sth like that?

how can i see that ?

Open Studio->VST Plugin Manager when your project is open, go to the tab “VST-Instruments” and type in “Kontakt” in the search field.
It should show you all Kontakt Plugins Cubase loaded and on the rightmost column it shows how many of these plugins are loaded in the project.

If you select one of this plugins in this list, it shows you below, where it was loaded from:

I guess that the Kontakt VST you are opening new is a different (perhaps a VST3), than the one already in use in your project (VST2). You could try then to remove the old one, and if you’re lucky, Cubase will automatically put the new one in place of the old one and it should be fixed, or you reinstall the old one, as it seems the DLL/VST is still there, but it looks broken.

I did a check and couldnt see the path of the missing vst, cause its cubase 8.5 :sweat_smile:

So it says its a cubase 8.5.exe instead of a damage dll. :sweat_smile:

Should this be kontakt? Seems like you messed with plugin names. Take the VST2 Kontakt .dll copy it and rename the copy to “damage.dll”. Does damage open then?