HDD vs SSD +


Thinking about getting a new internal drive just for my Cubase 7.5 & 8 projects. I already have samples on a different HDD (Seagate ST1000DM003)

What would you recommend and why… HDD or SSD - and any model recommendations?

O/S is Windows 7 64-bit, m/b Asus Z87-A

Thanks in advance

The ideal way is to install a ssd then install the os and then the applications you want.

I bought a computer with win7 on it already and I added a ssd. Then I installed cubase and Studio one.

I also record to the ssd( I think, if I remember right).

Having the vst instruments on the ssd is good.

It’s pretty snappy, would have been better with complete install though.

SSD is like 30% faster or so, makes a difference when you’re working if everything is a little quicker.

In the future, I’m going to re-install the o/s to an SSD and re-install everything. But not in a position to do all that right now…

What about SSDs having less longevity with lots of reading & writing? I thought HDDs were better for this?

I really just want to know what’s best for the Cubase projects & related audio/midi data, SSD or HDD?


HDDs are better suited for your Cubase projects and streaming audio files while SSDs are better for the OS, applications, etc. Choose a reliable 7200 RPM drive for your Cubase projects and you’re set. Ideally, sample libraries should get their own drive as well but I combine both my projects and samples on the same drive without issue.

Either type of drive can fail so some sort of regular backups would be a good idea.

That being said, I’m always playing around learning hardware or software so no great loss if I lost everything.

I try and email mp3’s to myself just to keep a record.

But I haven’t had a HDD failure in years and so far so good on the SSD.

Samsung EVO SSD: 30s load time against 90s from Seagate 3TB 6GB/ps. Could own 3x Seagate 3TB to 1x Samsung 1TB!