Hdmi Out

Hi, i am using my on board hdmi out to a hdmi tv moniter out to my studio monitors, i can play anything on the laptop and it channels through to the monitors, (even mixdowns fron CB8) i can go online play a video and it channels through to the monitors, in other words, everything i play on my laptop comes out of the monitors, except ?? yes you got it, CB8, is there something i am overlooking? i have checked everything within my knowledge but cant find anything relating to HDMI, i have check my laptop, device manager etc but still cant find nothing, i am running win 7, 64/32 bit, but i’m running CB in 32bit mode because of the VST’s, any help would be much appreciated
thank you

What audio device do you have selected in Cubase? You should ideally be using an ASIO driver in Cubase.

I’m assuming, when you say: (even mixdowns fron CB8) you mean an audio file that was mixed down in Cubase and then played in a separate audio player, in which case it would most probably not be using an ASIO driver.

I’m pretty sure what you propose cannot be done, as your HDMI out is both audio and video. You would be wise to buy a separate USB or Firewire sound device to use in Cubase and just use the HDMI for video.


Thank you for your advice hedshaker, problem resolved, i downloaded realtek HD audio driver and it fixed the problem, can you advise me on the separate USB or Firewire sound, i know a little about the usb as im using the CI1 which is excellent value in my opinion, but i dont know what the firewire is
thank you

Rrealtek HD audio is your on-board sound device and tbh, it isn’t ideal for Cubase, or any other DAW for that matter, as it does not have its own ASIO driver. You could download ASIO4ALL. It’s a free ASIO driver that kind of wraps to your on-board realtek HD, Which is ok if you have no other choice but it’s not the best.


For better results and sound quality it is recommended that you get an external audio interface that comes with its own ASIO driver. There are many but which is best for you depends on your workflow and usage. Do you need multiple in puts and out puts, would you prefer USB or Firewire eg.

In actual fact Steinberg do a nice array of such devices starting from low cost to quite expensive but there are many other manufacturers of such devices. Just direct your google search to ASIO Audio Interfaces’