Head up - ezdrummer 2 allows only one time sig per song

Disappointing, as it limits setting up a quick scratch track in projects that the sig changes in.

I bought it as a sound generator for MIDI tracks generated in Jamstix, hopefully that will work ok.


I missed this older post and when I just read it I thought you were talking about tempo changes not time signature changes.

Are you still having this issue and if so, can you please explain it in a little more detail? I would really like to learn a bit more about this area of music creation.

So… I have not yet made a song where I made a time signature change to anything other than say from 4/4 to 2/4. And, honestly, I usually handle something like this with just a tempo change and EZD2 handles that with no issues.

So I have not yet been creative enough to make a song with a time signature change say from 3/4 to 4/4 and back again so I am interested in hearing about, and learning a bit, more your concern.

Basically I drag the appropriate stock EZD clips into my project. Make a lot of revisions to the stock clips so that they are a better fit for my song. Then, when I am satisfied after a zillion edits, I render the drum track(s) (and all other tracks) in place. But, the EZD2 clips will always follow tempo changes I make using a tempo track and they will follow time signature changes when I use a signature track (like 4/4 to 2/4, not 4/4 to 3/4).

I really have a hard time figuring out how that would work because the EZD clips are recorded using a specific time signature and, if you are talking about a signature time change like 4/4 to 3/4 it’s just not going to happen unless you choose the right midi clip. Right? Or am I totally misunderstanding?

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I think you’ve got it, FWIW to the same way I understand it as well.

If there is a 5/4 bit in the middle of a 4/4 song (to choose a time sig change example), there is no way to have EZD2 follow it - it allows only 1 time sig per song.

So, if you sync Cubase up with EZD2 at the beginning of the song, it will be in sync bar-by-bar until the time sig change. At that point it will be one bar off at the end of the first 5/4 bar, and further off for each 5/4 bar of the song, for the rest of the song.

What I’ve wound up doing is ignoring the song building in EZD2, using it just as a library of MIDI clips to drag into the Cubase MIDI. For example, I’ll audition within EZD2 a “Chorus”, “Fill” etc., which as you know can run anything from 1 bar to several bars. I’ll then drag the ones I like into Cubase. If I drag a 4/4 EZD2 bar into a 5/4 Cubase bar, I’ll fill the one-bar gap in Cubase up with something - copy/paste either from that clip, or somewhere else, or build my own, etc. When all done, I just route the completed Cubase MIDI track to EZD2 and it blindly plays back the audio, oblivious to whether there are any time sig changes or not.

It works just fine for me like this. I guess I’m missing the “build me a song in 2 minutes” function of EZD2, but as I always want to edit what EZD2 wants to play anyway, it’s not a problem.

Hope that helps, and if you (or anyone else) has any suggestions for different ways to do things, please post here :slight_smile:.

My workflow exactly.

Thanks :wink:

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