Headphone channel in ctrl room?


Could someone explain how to use the Phones channel in cubase?

I have Steinberg UR28M

Output 1/2 - Speakers
Output 3/4 - Headphones (cue mix)
Ouput 5/6 - Speakers 2

If I make a Headphone channel and it gets visible in the control room, where do I route that?

PS. Anybody know what the Daw out 1/2 are in the UR28M?

Which part of the manual´s explanation is unclear to you?

Wherever you want for what you need it for.

The Playback channel from the DAW output…?

I got it now. Since I have all my outputs already routed to two speakers and headphone cue Im not able to use phones channel.

I just wanted to mute my speakers and listen to the phones. I have the indendent mode in UR28M active so my physical mute doesnt work the way that I can switch two speakersets in the control room section.

When I assign the Daw output to headphones there is no sound.