Headphone Match Distortion in low frequencies

Anyone else notice this?

It sounds like bit-reduction distortion and happens with extreme low frequencies. I’m working with a deep sine wave sub line and headphone match is distorting on me. The problem goes away when I bypass. Is this a bug, or just a limitation of the tools?

Yep, I noticed it today when checking a bass heavy mix. It’s like a continuous crackle. The track is clear with it bypassed. I hope they’ll fix it soon.

I just installed NU12 for the first time, testing the waters on a M1-based MacBook Air. I had to disable any (!) kind of Audio Input in the ASIO Connections Window (F4) before the Headphone Match worked without continuous, distortion-like interruptions.

Maybe related to your issues …?

yeah, this sounds exactly like what i’m experiencing.