Headphone. Mix Help

Hi Guys,

I have a question regarding headphone mixes.

I’m running N7 with a MOTU 24 I/O interface.

Is there a way to do this in Nuendo?

My buddy is running Pro Tools / Mac.
He has 4 small 16 channel mixers. He is able to give 4 musicians there own mixer. They can now dial in their in headphone mixes for whatever they want.

These mixers have independent channels that are assigned whatever is being recorded in Nuendo.

Example: Bass drum, snare, individual toms, hi hat, OH, bass guitar, keyboards, guitar, vocals, etc.

They can adjust everything to their own desired levels independent from the other mixers.

Is there a way to do this in Nuendo with my MOTU piece?

If so, any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Las Vegas, NV

I failed to mention, I also have the MOTU 2408mkIII.


You’ll need some specific hardware for that, like the Aviom products.


Hi Fredo,
It’s been quite sometime since we’ve spoken. Hope you’re well. Glad to see you’re still here. Very knowledgeable.

Yes, I’ve been doing some snooping around and see that there are a few products for headphone distribution.
Behringer, The Hear Back System, Furman used to have one and the Aviom you spoke of.

If you can help me on the routing out from computer running Nuendo 7 that would be most helpful and appreciated.
I just need some guidance as to how to rout the signal from the DAW, out to my MOTU piece?

Do I insert an EFX Channel for each fader/instrument? Then what?

I think I’ll have to take the outs from the MOTU 25 I/O into the specified hardware. I have 11 channels designated from my drums.
2 channels for piano, 1 channel for bass, 1 channel for vox/horn, 1 for guitar.

Any help routing out of Nuendo would be great Fredo.



You’ll have to make outputs for each instrument or group of instruments you want to send to musicians.
Then route (Multiple routing feature) each channel to each of the outputs.
These will then feed your hardware system.

Youc an also use the 4 standards cue sends, but that will limit you to 4 channels.
Well, you should at least use one of those for sending talkback to the talent.

Hope this explains it a bit.


Mate, in VST Connections you can do whatever routing you want, I am sure. All you need is a bit more experience with hardware and offline help, cuz it’s kinda hard to explain such things at forums.

First you can add more busses

Than roue Cubase’s track(s) to that buses, and than to some Audi Interface Outs

Than Audio Interface OUTs goes to mixer, than you can mix balance on mixer or in Cubase and do whatever you want.

I didn’t quite understand what do you want, but I hope you got the idea with routing in VST connections.

Mixer has Auxs and you can make balance for different Aux… nah, whatever )

What I say everything is possible in Cubase. ProTools doesn’t have any killer advantages at all.

Thank you both for taking time to help me out. Much appreciated. I’ll review all of this and then give it a shot.



Hi there mdslammer

Let me try…
Lets say you want 4 stereo pairs of individual headphone mixes fed to your Motu or whatever you use for DA. That must have internally assignable routing matrix ( like RME units ) to send out the 4 stereo analog mixes to to the cans.

The complexity come at the analog end, as you need DA, and assignable routing in the analog domain, as well as amplification for the cans. There must be some networked solution out there ( Dante/Madi/AVB) that would simplify this part.

Inside Nuendo, it’s easy ; create 4 (above example ) FXs sends, name them…“cue1” “cue2”, etc. Their outputs go out to your interface /DA.
Build individual cue balances from sends on the audio tracks.

hope I was explaining right and it helps you a bit.
best luck

Im surprised most people don’t get this is already in Nuendo. Steinberg don’t even seem to fully appreciate what they have.

Let me give you another option that will give you what you actually originally asked for. 4 separate little mixes for 4 musicians to make their own cue mix.

  1. In Nuendo you will need to enable the control room, and the cue mix system (this will also assume you are running at a fast enough latency to enable software monitoring)

  2. you will need to send each cue mix to a pair of stereo outputs, so 4 cue stereo mixes, 8 chanels in total (either your MOTU 24io or 2408)

  3. those will need to be connected to 4 separate stereo headphone amps and 4 sets of headphones for your musicians

  4. at this point you dont need anything else (but will need to make the cue mixes yourself in Nuendo)

  5. to give each musician a “mixer” you need to get 4 ipads or iphones and buy the cubase IC pro app.

  6. set up musician #1 with their ipad to only View CUE mix 1

  7. same again for musician 2, 3 and 4

  8. thats it

you can have talkback (use an input) even upto 4 talkbacks

I am currently doing exactly this with Nuendo8 at 64 samples latency and a MOTU 424 card with 2 HD192s and 2408MK3, the 2 HD192s feed 24 outs to a analog mixer, and the 2408 fees the cue mix system. I can also run at a smaller latency but everyone seems fine with 64 so I have no need to push it.

Exactly, and each cue mix can have many more than 16 tracks, reflecting the number of tracks in a project, all available on each iPad or iPhone running iCPro.

Also, the number of cue mixes available is due to be increased from four in the N8 life cycle.