Headphone mix UR44 - Cubase 8 LE

I recently got my UR44. Now I´m recording bas and guitar to our drumtracks. I know there´s a way to setup the headphone mixes, but I dont know how. I have checked the manual but I don´t get it. Also I know that it have to do with something in the mix console in Cubase 8 LE. Could someone please help me. I´m a bit of a dummy and that way. So some screenshots would be nice :slight_smile: I found this old post. But its kinda confusing to me

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Open VST Connections window (F4)/Studio tab

Add at least one Cue. If you use Mix 1 for your headphones/monitors setup Mix 2 or Mix 3.

Go to the Devices menu, select Audio Hardware Setup and select the Headphones tab is selected.

Set PHONES2 to the same Mix as the Cue you created in step 2 (Mix 2 or Mix3).

Go to the MixConsole and set the Cue level of each channel to customize the headphone mix.

EDIT: Sorry, just found out LE doesn’t have “control room”. Will check later!

Yes I think that is the problem with the LE edition about the control room. But in some way there should be an option for sending different mixes.