Headphone monitoring not working with Cubasis LE 2.3.1 using UR22mkII

Problems with UR22mkII. Using iPad Pro running iOS 11.2.2 with Cubasis in-app upgrade to LE 2.3.1 Plugging a headphone into the UR22mkII and turning the volume up results in no sound whatsoever. The blue monitoring icon on the tracks in Cubasis is turned on but nothing can be heard through the headphone. Makes it impossible to add additional tracks as I can’t hear playback of previous tracks. Discovered I can hear the playback if I plug headphones directly into the iPad but the sound is distorted, or can hear if I unplug the UR and do playback through iPad speakers - neither of these options is satisfactory. Basically the UR headphone input doesn’t work and is a principal component needed to do recording. Does anyone have a fix for this? Also, in all the tutorials for Cubasis the monitoring icon is yellow yet in the software on my iPad it is blue; not sure if this makes a difference.

Hi and welcome,

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