Headphone Out Not working in Cubase (MAC)


I have a weird issue with my Macbook Pro 2018 (High Sierra 10.13.6) where whenever I am running Cubase Pro 8 I am not able to get any audio to output to my headphones. The audio comes out of the in-built speakers just fine… and on top of that all audio works normally in any other application. Therefore I was lead to believe this was a routing issue. I have attached screenshots below to show my vst connections and device setup. There are not any other device ports available in the dropdowns in the VST Connections menu… Been trying to solve this issue for about 4 hours straight now and I havent gotten anywhere. I tried re-installing cubase, but this made no change.

Really hope someone can help me out with sorting this out!

No screenshots?

Regards :sunglasses: