Headphone output on the UR12 AUDIO INTERFACE sounds terrible


I just bought the Steingerg UR12 AUDIO INTERFACE and installed the program and the driver in accordance with the instructions.

The problem is when I listen with headphones the output on the UR12 sounds very weak and terrible.

It sounds like everything is in the middle. If it is panned, the sound gets stronger but is still in the middle.

I have this problem when using playback in Cubase, Youtube, Spotify etc. So it is not with the DAW´s settings.

I tried with different PC laptops and also with my older CI2+ INTERFACE and had this same problem. To me it seems like the issue could be with Windows but i am not sure.

Has anyone else experienced this?

I have also experienced poor audio output through my headphones when connected to a UR12.
Have the latest USB driver installed on my Apple iMac running OS X 10.15.4.
Using GarageBand v.10.3.5 and am playing a track that was copied from my Apple Music library into GarageBand.

Jim P.

Hey Jim
The only thing I know to check for is if your headphones have a trrs plug (tip-ring-ring-sleeve). Inserting one of those into a trs 6,3 mm adapter can sometimes have this effect.